May 2017: MVL is delighted to announce the appointment of David Simpkins as the company’s in-house legal counsel

May 2017: MVL agrees to purchase US$50 million FCIB’s bank debt, secured against certain assets in Saint Lucia, for US$8.7 million

April 2017: MVL enters into LOI to purchase 2 new restaurant sites

March 2017: Rory McCarthy meets the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia to discuss various projects on the Island

December 2016: Kiru voted Diner’s Choice by

November 2016: Kiru voted Diner’s Choice by

October2016: MVL enters into a joint venture feasibility study to build and operate a 15,000 bpd oil refinery in Liberia

October 2016: Kiru voted Diner’s Choice by

September 2016: Kiru voted Diner’s Choice by